Legendary Journeys: The Eye of Baal


The tradeskills consist of Blacksmithing, Tailoring, Alchemy, and Enchanting. Any character can learn these skills. When attempting to craft or enchant an item, you will need to decide which character will attempt to craft that item. Only those characters with the appropriate skill may attempt to craft. You will need to learn recipes and find the materials need (purchased from vendors, drops from some monsters, found in books) around the world to craft various items. Once you have the knowledge, materials, and skill, you will need to find an appropriate work bench, table or forge to work. Work stations can be found in most cities. Visit the various shops and houses.


Smithing is the art of forging metals into various items (armor, weapons, cooking utensils and more).


Tailoring is the art of working with pelts, hides, and silks in order to make armor and various containers.


Achemy is the art of mixing the magical elements of various plants found in Farmoor into magical potions and elixers.


Enchanting is the practice of applying magical effects to armors, weapons, and jewelry.