Legendary Journeys

Legendary Journeys

A new free roam, first person blobber influenced by Might and Magic, Everquest, Table Top Dungeon and Dragons, and a bevy of other cRPGs too many in wich to name. You will create your party and set forth onto the lands of Farmoor in search of 4 artifacts, when united form the Eye of Baal, to free an old man's son from a magical tomb.


  • Free Roam blobber - no grid movement
  • Turn based Combat
  • Explore a large world including many dungeons to plunder
  • Plenty of side quests for those who like that
  • The main quest can be completed at your lesiure
  • Find tomes to increase your spell's power
  • Craft weapons, potions, and armors
  • Enchant weapons and armors
Legendary Journeys: The Eye of Baal
Create Party Screen A small island Stopping for the sunset

System Requirements

  • Windows 7 or higher
  • processor - TBD
  • video card - TBD
  • ram - TBD